VR05 - Underlift Units


VR05 covers using underlift recovery units (spec frames) when carrying out routine removal procedures on cars, car derived vans and light commercial vehicles up to 3500kg GVM. This module also covers the safety requirements associated with the use of underlift recovery units.

Learning Outcomes

  • Health and safety requirements applicable to underlift recovery units
  • Variations and performance features of underlift recovery units
  • Equipment and vehicle checks required with underlift recovery units
  • Purpose and function of booms, cross heads and fittings
  • Calculating winch power required using resistance calculations
  • Loading and unloading procedure of a light underlift recovery unit
  • Towing procedures and potential hazards when using an underlift

Practical Outcome

  • The student will be able to demonstrate the preparation, loading and unloading and securing of a vehicle using a front suspend tow. They are also required to manoeuvre the recovery vehicle and casualty as directed by the instructor/assessor as well as demonstrating good general health and safety throughout
Module/course type
Light Recovery
Recommended duration (full course)
14 hours
Driver CPC available