VR07 - Advanced Winching


VR07 is about recovering light vehicles from situations where a winch is required to place the casualty in a position from where it can be removed. It also covers the safety requirements of using a winch.

Learning Outcomes

  • Health and safety requirements applicable to the use of winches on light vehicle recovery units
  • Types of winch used in light vehicle recovery
  • Outline winch theory
  • Types of winch ropes used in light vehicle recovery
  • Ancillary equipment used when winching
  • Winching resistances and calculations
  • Methods used in increasing line pull/changing line direction
  • Effects of the casualty position or attitude on the winching operation
  • Methods used to right an overturned light vehicle
  • Hand signals used to direct a winch operator

Practical Outcome

  • The student will be able to demonstrate that they can calculate the effort required and prepare the site, casualty and equipment required to winch a  vehicle from a given situation, “using a change of direction for mechanical advantage
Module/course type
Light Recovery
Recommended duration (full course)
7 hours
Driver CPC available
DCPC course number
CRS 9036-540