VR18 - Air Cushions (heavy vehicle recovery)


VR18 provides the recovery operator with the skills to use high and low pressure air cushions to assist in righting an overturned commercial vehicle. The skills assessment will involve the use of a recovery vehicle and air cushions combined to right an overturned vehicle, therefore an operator must have achieved module VR16 prior to undertaking this module or be attending a training course incorporating both modules.

Learning Outcomes

• Health and safety requirements applicable to the use of air cushions in heavy vehicle recovery

• Types, sizes and pressures of air cushions and their use in recovery situations. Typical air supplies, valve blocks and connection devices

• Care and maintenance of air cushion recovery equipment

• Risks and safety procedures when using air cushions

• Calculating the effort required to right an overturned vehicle

• Correct placement of high pressure starter mats and air cushions

• Controlling the recovery of an overturned vehicle using air cushions and winches

Practical Outcome

• The student will be able to demonstrate a recovery set-up for an overturned vehicle using air cushions

Module/course type
Heavy Recovery
Recommended duration (full course)
7 hours
Driver CPC available