VR19 - Preservation of Evidence


VR19 provides recovery technicians with the information required to enable them to recover a vehicle on behalf of the Police without contaminating or damaging vital evidence required to secure a prosecution. It also covers the importance of communication between the Police and the recovery technician when dealing with crime related or accident investigation cases.

Learning Outcomes

• The difference between criminal and civil justice systems

• Organisations that form the link between the crime and the court case

• Forensic evidence that may be required by the police

• Contamination and cross contamination

• Sources of evidence

• What is DNA and sources of DNA

• Potential biological hazards specific to vehicle recovery

• Avoiding contaminating a crime scene

• Preserving evidence and continuity of evidence

• Importance of good communication.

• Police expectations

• Mechanical preservation

• Mechanical components that may require evidence preservation 10

Module/course type
Recommended duration (full course)
7 hours
Driver CPC available
DCPC course number