VR20 - Recovery Appliance Equipment (heavy vehicle recovery)


A highly specialised course in the use of rotating and fixed boom equipment for heavy vehicle recovery. It is only recommended for operators that are fully trained, highly skilled and experienced in heavy vehicle recovery.

Given the dangers involved plus the knowledge and experience required to safely deploy and use rotating recovery equipment inexperienced operators are discouraged from taking this module.

Covers all aspects of a recovery using rotating and fixed boom recovery equipment and the operator’s knowledge and ability to use the equipment are tested throughout the module. Practical skills and theory knowledge are continually assessed as certification for this module cannot be gained by assessment only.

It is a pre-requirement for all trainees taking this module to have a broad understanding of heavy recovery and all the laws governing the use of the equipment and the vehicles they relate to.


  • Health & safety at work regulations as applicable to rotating recovery equipment
  • Risk assessment for the working area, pre-use checks and safety techniques when operating the equipment
  • LOLER and PUWER regulations applicable to this equipment
  • Manual handling regulations for rotating and fixed boom equipment
  • Working at heights regulations
  • Identification of all equipment employed and the location, function and competent use of all controls
  • Relevance of conforming to manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Equipment inspection techniques and understanding of its limitation and safe working parameters
  • Care and maintenance of all equipment

Practical Skill Instruction and Assessment

  • Practical risk assessment for a typical working area
  • Demonstrate the correct and competent use of all rotator controls and equipment
  • Identify the equipment required and implement the rigging and safety techniques required to right an overturned vehicle
  • Winching, lifting and lowering calculations
Module/course code
Module/course name
Recovery Appliance Equipment (heavy vehicle recovery)
Module/course type
Heavy Recovery
Duration (full course)
21 hours
Duration (refresher course)
14 hours
Combined course?
DCPC accreditation