VR20 - Recovery Appliance Equipment incl. Rotator (heavy vehicle recovery)


VR20 covers recovering heavy commercial vehicles of 7500kg GVM and above using top boom or rotating boom recovery equipment from situations where a winch is required to place the casualty in a position from where it can be removed. It also covers the safety requirements of using a winch. The course will involve the righting of an overturned commercial vehicle.  VR16 is a pre-requisite for this course.

Learning Outcomes

• Health and safety requirements applicable to the use of recovery appliances equipment

• Risk assessment for a typical working area

• Rotating recovery equipment and the location and function of the controls

• Importance of conforming to the manufacturer’s instructions/recommendations

• Pre-use checks

• Basic layout, operation and safety devices of a typical hydraulic system used on a recovery appliance

• Terms relating to this type of equipment, stability principles and maximum capacities, working load limits and load ratings

• Construction, safety requirements, safety factors, and inspection techniques required for chains, snatch blocks, strops, shackles and winch ropes used in recovery operations

• Hand signals used to direct a winch operator

• The equipment required, calculations, rigging techniques and safety factors when

righting an overturned vehicle

Practical Outcome

• The student will be able to demonstrate the correct and competent use of the controls and equipment

Module/course type
Heavy Recovery
Recommended duration (full course)
21 hours
Driver CPC available