VR21 - Recovery Incident Manager


VR21 provides the student with the knowledge required to manage recovery incidents of all types, including the interaction with other emergency services, communicating effectively with the emergency services and the recovery team and ensuring that the health and safety of everyone in or around the scene is maintained. A recovery incident manager should not be part of the recovery.

Students attending this course should:

• Have a vast experience in the recovery industry

• Have the ability to assess, plan, and coordinate the recovery work at an incident

• Have a solid experience of winching calculations

• Have a good working knowledge of health and safety regulations and requirements as it affects the recovery industry (covered in VR01)

• Be a good, confident communicator

Learning Outcomes

• Definition of a major incident and the recovery incident manager’s role.

• Communication lines appropriate to a recovery incident situation

• Risk assessment, method statement and recording of the findings

• Roles and responsibilities of the emergency services

• Communicate effectively with the emergency services

• Identify the types of resources required for a major incident and plan and organise a recovery

• Post recovery operations

Practical Outcome

• Using major incident scenarios, the student will be able to produce and present a post recovery report and/or a debrief.11

Module/course type
Recommended duration (full course)
14 hours
Driver CPC available