VR23 - Bus and Coach Recovery (heavy vehicle recovery)


VR23 covers the routine removal procedures for buses and coaches. It also covers the safety aspects relating to the recovery of buses and coaches as well as the correct way to attach the recovery vehicle in order to avoid damage to the casualty.

Learning Outcomes

• Health and safety requirements applicable to the use of a heavy recovery underlift unit when recovering buses and coaches

• Front and rear lift and tow

• Bracing the under-frame

• Towing height of a casualty and safety precautions when towing

• Safety issues with air suspension

• Compressed air systems

• Protecting the transmission and protecting the steering systems of buses and coaches

• Specialist recovery equipment for bus and coach recovery

• Safety issues when loading a bus or coach on to a low loader

• Safety precautions when towing

• Bendy-buses 12

Module/course type
Heavy Recovery
Recommended duration (full course)
7 hours
Driver CPC available