VR29 - Tracked Vehicle Mover


VR29 is a highly specialised course in the use of the tracked vehicle mover. The machine is 50% forklift and 50% tow truck. It can be used on or off road to recover vehicles from difficult locations inaccessible to a larger recovery vehicle by use of its on-board winch. Only experienced operators should consider undertaking this course.

Learning Outcomes

• Health and safety applicable to the use of a tracked vehicle mover

• Risk assessment for use of the tracked vehicle mover

• Machine capabilities, controls and systems

• Safe working distances, angles of operation and gradients, both horizontal and lateral

• Attachments, including winch theory, calculations and deployment of the winch hoist

• Loading and transporting the tracked vehicle mover

Practical Outcome

• Demonstrate the safe operation of all aspects of the tracked vehicle mover

Module/course type
Recommended duration (full course)
7 hours
Driver CPC available
DCPC course number