VR30 - Compound Supervisor (Vehicle Recovery)


VR30 aims to ensure companies maintain their ‘duty of care’ by training their compound management team to identify good and bad practices of recovery technicians and identify different types of recovery and ancillary equipment to move cars and commercial vehicles. The course will also cover the management of vehicles required for police or forensic examination.

Learning Outcomes

• Health and safety requirements applicable to the use of vehicle recovery units and ancillary recovery equipment

• PAS43 and why it is required.

• Casualty types, including electric vehicles and the safety issues involved

• Means by which a casualty vehicle might be removed and the equipment used

• Safety requirements when using a lorry loader in the compound

• Performing the correct Banksman signals

• Requirements for site policy and procedures

• Define what a ‘near miss’ is

• How injuries can occur

• How to avoid damage to vehicles within the compound

• Winching resistances

• How to effectively control visitors within a compound

• Requirements for vehicles required for forensic or Police examination

• Documentation required for the correct administration of a vehicle recovery compound

Module/course type
Recommended duration (full course)
14 hours
Driver CPC available