VR05 - Underlift Units (light vehicle recovery)


The use of underlift units as part of a routine recovery procedure. The underlift unit variations and the health and safety requirements for their use. Operators will gain the necessary skills and become familiar with the component parts of the underlift unit.


  • Health and safety as it applies to underlift units
  • Variations in underlift units and their performance
  • Loading procedures and checks when using underlift units
  • Towing procedures and release of casualty vehicle
  • Equipment checks and hazards associated with underlift units

Practical Skill Instruction

  • Demonstrate successfully the deployment and use of the equipment, loading, transporting and unloading of the casualty vehicle
Module/course code
Module/course name
Underlift Units (light vehicle recovery)
Module/course type
Light Recovery
Duration (full course)
14 hours
Duration (refresher course)
7 hours
Combined course?
DCPC accreditation
DCPC course number
CRS 1116-540