COVID-19 Rescue Protocol

The IVR/Survive COVID-19 Rescue Protocol and Safe System of Work brings together the IVR Rescue Protocol and the SURVIVE Safe Systems of Work into one document and are now to be considered the industry standard during this phase of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

It should be noted that this is a TEMPORARY MEASURE to enable drivers to move customers to a safe place during the outbreak.  Dynamic risk assessments are always the best tool in the industry's toolkit and we encourage all drivers to continue to be vigilant and assess the risks for their own safety and that of their customers and to heed Government advice.

It is essential that all the necessary actions be taken to ensure your own insurer knows you are operating to this temporary guidance measure.

Roadside staff to give a copy of the third/fourth page to their customer if they are doing a PIVR (Person In-Vehicle Recovery), if laminated ensure it is regularly santized between every use.