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Who requires a card?

Any staff members, but particularly roadside staff needing to externally verify their employment and training status.

It is mandatory for all staff engaged on the NHSS17/17B National Roadside/Recovery Scheme (NRRS) to hold a valid scheme identity card. This digital card will replace the current NRRS identity cards.

Minimum requirement to hold an RQM card

Any card holder must have an IVR VR01, VR02 and VR03 (Core Modules).

A physical and a virtual card

Each cardholder receives two cards:

  1. physical card.  A plastic, credit card size card, printed with the card holder's photograph and basic details on the face of the card.  Held digitally within the card is the card holder's training certificates and optional key company compliance information.
  2. A virtual smartcard.  Issued directly to a card holder's smartphone when they download the free Vircarda app.  The card contains the card holder's photograph and basic details along with the card holder's training certificates and optional key company compliance information, removing the need to carry physical cards.

The power of the card, means that there is full control over cancelling or suspending a card with immediate effect, if a card is lost or stolen, or in the case of a company card, if a staff member has left.

Personal information held within the card

  • Name
  • In-date qualifications National Highways Sector Scheme (NHSS17/17B) training records and certificates
  • Additional in-date evidenced CPD or relevant training from other providers.
  • The card is fully flexible, so please contact us to discuss additional requirements.

Optional company compliance details held within the technician’s card

  • The company the technician works for
  • Company insurances
  • NHSS17/17B certificate
  • PAS43 certificate
  • ISO9001 certificate
  • Operator licence
  • The card is fully flexible, so please contact us to discuss additional requirements

When do I use my IVR RQM card?

  • To prove your NHSS17/17B training credentials at the roadside or in the workplace.
  • Vulnerable motorists can identity check technicians, using their smartphone to scan through a closed car window.
  • Speed-up the authority to release and collect from agent storage compounds.
  • Present your IVR RQM card at police storage compounds and speed-up collections.
  • Give remote access authorised personnel to audit your key business and staff records, saving on in-workplace auditing.
  • Anytime that you need to confirm that your staff are fully trained to industry approved roadside standards, offer your IVR RQM card for scanning.

Checking a card

When a technician presents either the physical or virtual card for checking, the checker will be able to access its full contents including records and certificates with one tap using either a card checking device or a smartphone.

By using a verification code, a card can be checked before a card holder arrives at their destination, or remotely by an auditor - saving on in-workplace auditing.

On first use, the person verifying the card will need to download the free Checarda app in order to view the card contents (app store links below).

RQM cards - 3 levels of credentials

NHSS17/17B National Roadside Recovery Scheme Red Card

Roadside technician (non-recovery).  For technicians involved in roadside repairs To obtain a red card, technician must have completed IVR VR01, VR02 and VR03 Core Modules.

NHSS17/17B National Roadside Recovery Scheme Blue Card

Recovery technician.  For technicians involved in roadside repairs and vehicle recovery.  To obtain a blue card, technician must have completed the core modules as well as any additional IVR VR modules

NHSS17/17B National Roadside Recovery Scheme Green Card

Authorised instructor.   Level 1 internal or Level 2 external

Updates to the RQM digital card

Updates to the card are free except when an operator moves card type,  e.g. a roadside repair technician moves to a roadside repair and recovery technician - (red card to blue card).  This will incur a £10.00 plus VAT fee.

Register and apply today

Individual application form if you are an INDIVIDUAL applying. 

Company application form if you are a COMPANY sponsoring a number of technicians.

There is an annual fee of £20.00 plus VAT per card.

Pay now if you have already completed your application form.

Download Checarda, the free card checking app

Download from Google Play Store  Download from the App Store  Direct OD download

RQM enquiries

RQM@theivrgroup.com   01895 436426