RQM Digital ID Card Application (for companies)


Only complete this form, if you are a company sponsoring cards for your staff.

Application criteria:

The IVR RQM card is only available to those who meet the minimum criteria of a valid IVR VR01, VR02 and VR03.  If you are unsure of technician’s status, please add them to your application list and the IVR team will confirm validity details.

Company details

All physical identity cards will be sent to this address and contact.

Company contact details

Technicians details

The RQM team will contact you to progress, but you should prepare a list containing the following details:

<p>PIN number (if known)<br />
Title – e.g. Mr, Mrs<br />
First name/s<br />
Surname<br />
Date of birth (for verification purposes only)<br />
Mobile – a technician’s virtual identity card will be sent via SMS to the number provided<br />
Email - will be used for further necessary communication.<br />
Is the technician a current NHSS17/17B National Roadside/Recovery Scheme cardholder Yes/No/Don’t know.</p>

Optional company compliances

Relevant company compliances you would like to appear on each technician’s card:
Please note here any additional relevant company compliance not mentioned above

Additional information required:

When requested by the IVR RQM team, you will need to submit a good quality passport style photograph for each technician.  These can be taken on a smartphone, but the quality must be good, without shadows, head coverings (except for religious reasons), red eye, reflection on eyeglasses.  Use the technician’s name as the email title. 

Note: You/the cardholder will be required to submit good quality scanned certificates as evidence to RQM@theivrgroup.com.  Use technician name as the email title.

Additional data:

Each IVR RQM card will automatically contain a technician’s in-date National Highway Sector Scheme (NHSS17/17B) training records and certificates.

Other relevant training, qualifications and CPD can appear on the card, and will be at the discretion of the IVR Group.  


New card holders – There is an annual fee of £20.00 plus VAT

The small print:

By clicking the submit button I confirm that I have read, understood and accept the IVR Group Privacy Statement.

Consent *

Training, qualifications and compliances will remain on technician cards until they expire or until the individual or the company request any specific documents are removed.  In terms of the individual requesting documents to be removed, this could be any additional non-NHSS17/17B training held on their card.

The IVR reserves the right to suspend a card, pending investigation or to cancel a card should they deem false information to have been provided.