Membership Benefits

With vast industry experience in roadside assistance and recovery the Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR) is a not-for-profit organisation associated with developing and administering the National Highway Sector Scheme 17/17B (NHSS17/17B) National Roadside/Recovery Training Scheme for the roadside assistance and recovery industry .  Their remit includes setting the training standards for rescue and vehicle recovery operators to remove vehicles safely from the roadside.


The Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR) is an internationally renowned organisation, working alongside numerous external bodies for the safety of the roadside assistance/recovery technician in the workplace.

Within the recovery industry the IVR is a long standing and well respected member of all the major industry working groups including, the Professsional Recovery Operators Safety Executive (PROSE), which includes National Highways, National Police Chief's Council, National Fire Chief's Council, National Tyre Distributor's Association, UK Rescue Organisation, who focus on safety standards through the National Highway Sector Scheme 17/17B, the SURVIVE Group who deliver recommendations to the industry through PAS43 and the European Rescue and Recovery Initiative (ERRI).  The IVR also connect with the Professional Recovery Operators Federation (PROF) on a strategic level.

Becoming an IVR member

When you join the IVR you become a member of a long standing organisation which is built upon a community of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals within the recovery industry, with a focus on raising standards through high quality training and best practice.

On becoming a member of the Institute you will be awarded Associate status or Membership status, depending on your experience and training undertaken.  In acknowledgement of this you can show your professional status by using AMIVR, as an associate member, or MIVR as a full member, after your name.

Associate Member (AMIVR)

An individual working with or for the recovery industry.

Member (MIVR)

Memberships are awarded to a person working closely with or for the recovery industry who in the view of the IVR Council has promoted and enhanced the professionalism and ethos of the industry through experience and/or training.

Fellow (FIVR)

Fellowships (FIVR) are awarded to senior members of the Institute who in the view of the IVR Council have given outstanding service to the IVR and/or the industry as a whole.  Members can be nominated by self or others to be considered for fellowship.  Please contact to request a Fellowship nomination form.


Professional Recovery magazine

All UK members receive copies of Professional Recovery magazine, delivered direct from the printers to their home or work address. The magazine is issued 18 times a year, approximately every three weeks, so members can keep up to date with recovery news and developments within the industry.

Career progression

The IVR Passport gives an on-going record of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training, providing a verified record for current and future employers.

The Institute of Vehicle Recovery Annual Gala Dinner

Over the years the Annual General Meeting has become the 'AGM weekend' and is now one of the social highlights on the recovery industry calender.  Only members are permitted to attend the Annual General Meeting but all are welcome to the social side of the weekend.  

To become a member click here to read the code of conduct expected from a member, or click here to go to the online application.