COVID-19 Recovery Industry Protocol update to V3/V4/V5

UPDATE TO BELOW NEWS ITEM - version 3 has now been replaced with version 5 and is therefore no longer accessible below.  Please see Jan 21 news item IVR/SURVIVE COVID-19 Rescue Protocol and Safe System of Work vsn 5.

The updated recovery industry protocol POL010 version 3 and is accessible below and is now to be considered the latest industry standard during this phase of the COVID-19 outbreak.  The significant difference being if a customer can confirm and prove that COVID-19 is not present.

Clicking on this link or the previous news item link, will take you to version 3 of the guidance.


Message from Professional Recovery Operators Federation

The Professional Recovery Operators Federation thanked all work providers for participating in today's second emergency PROF COVID-19 conference call, to enable the industry to have a joined up, carefully measured approach, to ensure that best practice goes across the board during this critical stage of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Recovery Industry Rescue Protocol and the PROF Driver and Essential Staff Guidance document are now to be considered the industry standard during this phase of the COVID-19 outbreak.  PROF gave special thanks to the IVR for its vital technical input to the temporary standards.

It should be noted that this is a TEMPORARY MEASURE to enable drivers to move customers to a safe place during the outbreak.  Dynamic risk assessments are always the best tool in the industry's toolkit and we encourage all drivers to continue to be vigilant and assess the risks for their own safety and that of their customers and to heed Government advice.

Also to be noted, PROF has involved the insurance industry and some of the industries underwriters, it is essential that all the necessary actions be taken to ensure your own insurer knows you are operating to this temporary guidance measure.

All roadside staff should be issued with either a laminated copy of the attached document (POLO10) COVID 19 Rescue Protocol, remembering to always keep regularly sanitized or better still given several copies so that they can leave the copy with the customer without it passing back and forth.

The virus picture is fast moving and to that end there will be a further PROF COVID-19 meeting next Monday 30th March and further updates may come out to the industry then.  Download guidance documents below.


 PROF Driver and Essential Staff Guidance