VR18 - Air Cushions (heavy vehicle recovery)


Provides recovery operators with the necessary skills to assess and safely employ air cushions in the righting of overturned heavy vehicles. An extension of the VR16 module and operators must have achieved VR16 before taking VR18.

Recovery operators will learn to assess, plan and implement a recovery of the casualty vehicle using air cushions and winching. All practical and theoretical aspects of their safe use in lifting and lowering the vehicle will be tested.


  • Health & safety applied to the use of air cushions
  • Identification of the different types, sizes and construction of low and high pressure cushions
  • Care and maintenance of all air cushions equipment
  • Deployment of starter mats and air cushions
  • Handling of typical high and low pressure air supplies, valve blocks and connecting devices

Practical Skill Instruction

  • Demonstration of the recovery set-up for an overturned vehicle, correct use and deployment of all related equipment to successfully conduct a recovery of the casualty vehicle
Module/course code
Module/course name
Air Cushions (heavy vehicle recovery)
Module/course type
Heavy Recovery
Duration (full course)
7 hours
Duration (refresher course)
7 hours
Combined course?
DCPC accreditation