VR29 - Tracked Vehicle Mover


A highly specialised course in the use of the tracked vehicle mover.  Due to the environment this machine operates in only experienced candidates should consider undertaking this course.

The machine is 50% forklift and 50% tow truck as it has tracks controlled by radio-command. It will remove any type of vehicle gently and without any technical constraints as the system slips underneath the vehicle and lifts it without traction effect.

It can be used;

  • Either on or off road
  • To recover locked damaged or forensically sensitive vehicles
  • To retrieve vehicles from difficult positions by use of its on-board winch
  • To haul vehicles over raised obstructions with its winching mast
  • To recover vehicles in difficult locations such as underground/multi storey parking, small courtyards and anywhere inaccessible to a larger recovery vehicle


  • Health and safety as it applies to the use of the tracked vehicle mover
  • Risk assessment for use of the machine
  • Machine capabilities, controls and systems
  • Safe working distances
  • Angles of operation and gradients, both horizontal and lateral
  • Attachments, including winch theory, calculations and deployment of the winch hoist
  • Loading and transporting the tracked vehicle mover

Practical Skills Assessment

  • Demonstrate the safe operation of all aspects of the tracked vehicle mover
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