COVID-19 Recovery Industry Protocol Reminder

Previous advice on the COVID-19 Rescue Protocol and the carrying of passengers in-vehicle, on the back of the recovery vehicle, has now been challenged around the interpretation of legislation and the general use of the guidance, rather than the emergency use of the guidance. 

It is essential that this guidance is only used in extreme circumstances, where there is no other alternative for the passengers of the disabled vehicle and your risk assessment deems any alternative measures may leave both driver and the passengers of the disabled vehicle in a vulnerable or dangerous situation.

Both The IVR  and PROF reiterate that this method is to be used only when essential i.e. if your dynamic risk assessment identifies a ‘RISK’, that leaving a customer at the scene exposes them to significant risk.  The recovery with the passengers staying in the disabled vehicle MUST only be to the nearest place of safety.  We also re-iterate that this should not become the preferred practice, it is the exception rather than the rule, but can help technicians to comply with Government guidelines for 2m social distancing rules during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This practice, which is in line with SURVIVE Best Practice Guidelines and PAS43, should only be used by correctly trained operatives, who have been fully trained on how to secure the load correctly, (including with the use of a winch and secondary safety strap) and for the trained recovery driver to adjust their driving accordingly.

Finally companies should ensure they have cleared this method with their insurance company and technicians should continue to operate under their company’s procedures and guidelines.

Please continue to monitor the IVR, PROF and SURVIVE websites for further updates.