Driver CPC Clarification During Lockdown

As England entered the second lockdown there were announcements from some avenues that face to face Driver CPC training was suspended until the 2nd December.  The IVR, through its direct and regular contact with DVSA and JAUPT, knew this not to be the case.  IVR approved training providers were kept informed and services have been continuing whilst complying with the latest government guidelines. 

Fortunately, the DVSA has since formally re-clarified. ‘Where possible Driver CPC training should be done remotely. But where this is not possible, classroom-based teaching in a suitable COVID-secure location environment is allowed. You should not carry out in-vehicle training’.

Your IVR approved independent training provider is open for business as usual but will also let you know if they cannot deliver a course due to the conditions or the situation not complying with Government guidelines.  Visit to find an approved IVR instructor/trainer.