Formation of Professional Recovery Operators Safety Executive (PROSE)

A new safety and standards Executive has been formed consisting of six members, which is focused in order to ensure involvement from organisations with particular expertise and responsibility for frontline leadership: 

  • National Highways (NH) 
  • National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) 
  • National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) 
  • United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) 
  • Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR) 
  • National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) 

The Executive formally re-endorses/endorses, promotes and supports the National Highway Sector Scheme 17/17B (NHSS17/17B) as the recovery industry’s minimum standard in order to raise and maintain safety standards and good practice on the strategic road network. 

The purpose of the Executive is to: 

Provide a joined up, high level communication mechanism when any dialogue or consultation with government agencies such as DfT, HSE, or any other agency requires knowledge from experts in their field around vehicle rescue and recovery, in order to raise and maintain safety standards on the road network. 

Utilise Executive expertise to initiate corrective action where gaps are identified in relation to NHSS17/17B standards and safety risks, specific to vehicle rescue and recovery, and monitor improvements. 

Proactively ensure the standards remain current through generational changes/challenges, by utilising the Executive’s expertise to highlight potential concerns regarding a safety standard or understand the trends where an additional safety standard may be required, such as 

  • Progressive changes/challenges with EV and hybrid vehicles
  • The introduction of hydrogen vehicles 
  • The imminent roll out of driverless vehicles 
  • Net Zero challenges when considering all the above 

Ensure that the highest safety standards remain at the forefront of the agenda by providing the opportunity to discuss current and emerging issues that may affect NHSS17/17B standards, the role of this executive of experts extends to, but is not limited to, exploring best practice from each of their unique viewpoints and identifying potential solutions.  

Provide, guidance support and expertise, and to ensure the highest standards are maintained across all aspects of the NHSS17/17B standards.