IVR confirms 2019 AGM date and announces discounted packages for members.

Although year on year the Crowne Plaza, previously the Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon has increased its prices the popularity of the hotel, its ideal location and easy access to the town centre has made it almost impossible to equal, therefore the IVR has confirmed it will be the venue for the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held on Saturday 2 March 2019.

Over the years the AGM has become the ‘AGM weekend’ and is now one of the social highlights of the recovery industry calendar, with over 50% of attendees staying both Friday and Saturday night.

Only members of the Institute are permitted to attend the actual AGM but all are welcome to the social side of the weekend, however the IVR Council felt it was unfair that members should pay the same package rate as non-members so they have announced a 5% discount on all member’s AGM accommodation/Gala Dinner packages. This means member’s packages will remain pretty much the same as in 2018 while non-member packages will increase slightly due to an increase in Crowne Plaza rates.

The cost of the 2019 packages are (deduct 5% for the IVR member rate);

Double B&B x 2 nights (to include 2 tickets to the Gala Dinner) - £345.00 

Single B&B x 2 nights  (to include 1 ticket to the Gala Dinner) - £260.00

Double B&B x 1night    (to include 2 tickets to the Gala Dinner) - £240.00  

Single B&B x 1night      (to include 1 ticket to the Gala Dinner) - £155.00

Please note;

Members will only be able to receive the 5% discount on the one room they book for themselves.

Due to the IVR being required to pay the hotel account balance, in full, 28 days prior to the event no refunds can be given for any packages cancelled after Friday 25 January 2019, regardless of reasons.