IVR EV/Hybrid Recovery Protocol Update

Jul 22- The latest IVR EV/Hybrid Recovery Protocol for technicians when attending to electric or hybrid vehicles in breakdown or road traffic collision scenarios, has been updated following collaboration with the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO).

Version 3 of the protocol includes detailed information regarding the handover of EV/Hybrid vehicles to/from the Fire Service.

The protocol is supported by the VR27 Electric (EV) and Hybrid Vehicles training module, which all technicians working roadside should attend to clearly understand the hazards and safe recovery methods for the ever-growing number of alternatively powered vehicles on UK roads.

Click here* to download the latest copy of the IVR EV/Hybrid Recovery Protocol (3 pages).

Click here to view the EV/Hybrid YouTube film.

* NOTE:  the original protocol has been removed and the latest version of the protocol has now been uploaded onto this page.