NPCC Response to COVID-19 Recovery Industry Protocol

The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) have given their response to a request for clarification from the Professional Recovery Operators Federation (PROF).

The letter gives further clarity around the position of the recently challenged, COVID-19 Recovery Protocol Guidelines vsn 3, which were put together as a result of emergency industry meetings spearheaded by PROF and with technical input from the Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR).

Although the NPCC do not have control over how each area is policed, hopefully this communication gives recovery operators some reassurance when challenged, as long as they have closely followed the guidelines and the ideals highlighted within it, the COVID-19 Recovery Protocol Guidelines still stand. 

Interested parties should consult the IVR website, the PROF website and the SURVIVE website, to ensure they have fully understood the guidance.

The IVR and PROF also highlight that only trained operatives should use the protocol, insurance companies should be consulted before using the protocol and this is a temporary COVID-19 measure, which should be used as a last resort and to the first place of safety. 

Click here to view the letter.