VR27b - IVR L2 Handling of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles (Industry Specific)


VR27b covers the vehicle recovery technician’s considerations when handling, recovering, transporting and storing these types of vehicle and is suitable for all vehicle recovery technicians.  It can also be bespoke by the IVR to suit other industries.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Health and safety requirements applicable to electric and hybrid vehicles

• Differences between internal combustion and high voltage vehicles

• The principles of hybrid and electric vehicle operation

• The potential hazards with high voltage vehicles

• Understand realistic vehicle recovery operator issues, including storage

Practical Learning Outcome

• Explain a low voltage disconnect and low voltage boost start, thermal checking and recording

• Understand how to safely load/unload, secure and the stability of an alternatively powered vehicle on a recovery transporter, using suitable ancillary equipment

Module/course type
Recommended duration (full course)
7 hours
Driver CPC available
DCPC Hours
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