Become an Instructor






The role of the instructor

The instructor in industry is an important link between the employer who is in constant need of human skills and knowledge, and the people whom he trains for employment in industry.

Much depends upon the strength of this link such as

  • The progress and prosperity of the Company or organization, and the careers of the trainees involved.
  • Positive instruction should therefore be targeted towards meeting both the needs of the employer and those of the trainee

Instructor standards and criteria

Instructors wishing to become an IVR approved Instructor and participate on the National Training Scheme must meet a set of required standards to be registered with the IVR as an authorised Instructor.

Potential instructors will have no less than two years’ experience and have qualified on the Core Modules no later than 6 months prior to attending the instructors course which will be of 10 working days duration.

Instructor/Assessor Levels

Level 1 = Internal Instructor

  1. An ITSSAR Level 1 Cat.1 Instructor qualified to deliver and assess modules VR01, VR02 and VR03 for their company, they may also deliver the training of other modules on behalf of their employer, however, a level 2 Instructor or above will be required to assess that training. Internal instructors should only train modules for which they have relevant practical experience and achieved the operator qualification themselves.
  2. Internal Instructors wishing to progress to level 2 will be mentored by an experienced Level 2 Instructor/Mentor to a level where they can be assessed to deliver an external training course.

Level 2 = External Instructor

  1. An ITSSAR Level 1 Cat.1 Instructor qualified to deliver training externally e.g. Lay on a training course and charge for it.
  2. They will have adequate experience and will have achieved the modules they wish to train in at operator level.  They may also be assessed delivering a module prior to approval for that module.
  3. External Instructors wishing to add modules to their training portfolio may be mentored to a level where they can deliver the additional module to a range of students.

Level 3 = Assessor

  1. An ITSSAR Level 1 Cat.1 Instructor appointed by the Administrator.
  2. They will hold a recognised Assessor/Verifier qualification and have adequate experience within the recovery sector.

Level 4 = Tutor Status

  1. ITSSAR Level 1 Cat 4 Tutor is approved by the IVR and ITSSAR to train trainers in training techniques to the ITSSAR Cat 1 Level.

Once qualified Instructors will be audited against the training standards outlined in IVR quality standards. All instructors must be able to demonstrate relevant practical experience in the Rescue & Recovery industry to be accepted as a scheme instructor for Modules 3 onwards (potential instructors will have no less than two years’ experience).

Converting to become a roadside/recovery instructor

  1. Provide a CV to the Administrator
  2. Undertake a conversion course provided by the administrator
  3. Provide copies of any certificates of formal training in instructional techniques

If you or you want a member of staff to become an instructor, then contact the IVR office soonest on 01895 436426.