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Instructional Techniques

ITSSAR were established in 1991 and were a founding member of the Accrediting Bodies Association – Workplace Transport (ABA).  ABA maintain a common set of standards for the basic skills and underpinning knowledge required to operate workplace transport equipment in line with all relevant and current legislation and approved codes of practice for the benefit of industry.  

In 2007 the Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR) aligned itself with ITSSAR as an industry recognised, external accreditation body, due to their experience of producing instructors who practically instruct on machinery, using this as the basis for instructor development.

Instructor Standards and Criteria

Instructors wishing to become an IVR approved Instructor and participate on the National Training Scheme must meet a set of required standards and be registered with the IVR as an authorised Instructor.  Once qualified instructors will be assessed against the training standards outlined in IVR quality standards, instructors and training providers will also be required to sign a training agreement/code of practice.

  1. Potential instructors must have attended and passed the ITSSAR/Recovery Category 1 course (book through the IVR). The course is a consecutive 10 working day, face to face instructional techniques course based around vehicle recovery.
  2. Potential instructors must be able to demonstrate a minimum of two years appropriate, practical experience in the rescue and recovery industry in order to be accepted as a scheme instructor.
  3. Potential instructors must have appropriate experience and have achieved the industry Core Modules operator qualification, no later than 24 months prior to attending the ITSSAR course.  Please wait for ITSSAR course dates before booking a Core Modules course, (unless a refresher is required for operational purposes).

Instructor/Assessor Levels

Level 1 - Internal Instructor

  1. A qualified ITSSAR Level 1 Cat.1 instructor approved by the IVR to deliver and assess modules VR01, VR02 and VR03 only for the employer they work for, they may also deliver other modules on behalf of their employer, provided they have been approved to deliver the module via the mentoring/assessment process.
  2. Internal Instructors wishing to progress to level 2 will be mentored by an experienced Level 2 instructor/mentor to a level where they can be assessed to deliver an external training course.

Level 2 - External Instructor

  1. A qualified ITSSAR Level 1 Cat.1 instructor, approved by the IVR to deliver and assess modules externally e.g. deliver a training course and charge for it.
  2. They will have adequate experience and will have achieved the modules they wish to train in at operator level.  They will also be assessed delivering a module prior to approval for that module.
  3. External Instructors wishing to add modules to their training portfolio may follow a mentoring/assessment process to a level where they can be approved to deliver the module.

Level 3 - Assessor

  1. An ITSSAR Level 1 Cat.1 Instructor appointed by the Administrator.
  2. They will hold a recognised assessor/verifier qualification and have adequate experience within the recovery sector.

Level 4 - Tutor Status

  1. ITSSAR Level 1 Cat 4 tutor is qualified and approved by the IVR to train other instructors in instructor techniques to the ITSSAR Cat 1 Level.
  2. CAT 4 Tutors are appointed by the IVR based on experience in both vehicle recovery and training.  This role brings a large commitment to assist with other areas of the overall scheme.


If you or a member of staff want to become an instructor, please email for an application form.