Driver CPC Periodic Training

IVR approved training providers can offer Driver CPC training at a great saving to the employer.  IVR Training Services has directly linked the National Roadside/Recovery Training Scheme lesson plans with Driver CPC requirements.  This enables a participant to achieve both their Driver CPC hours and the National Training Scheme qualification simultaneously, reducing time off the job and training costs to the employer, whilst training in rescue and recovery relevant content.

With such a varied array of courses, it is possible to cover the required 35 hours of Driver CPC purely from the VR modules.



Driver CPC courses available using VR modules

DCPC Course No. Name of Course

Links to National Training Scheme

CRS1280/540 Health, Safety and Customer Service 


CRS1117/540  Dealing with Emergency Situations   VR03
CRS1116/540  Loading a Vehicle with Due Regard for Safety  VR06
CRS9036/540 Advanced Winching Techniques VR07, VR16
CRS16504/540 Heavy Underlift Units VR13
CRS16468/540 Lorry Loader Cranes VR17
CRS16158/540 Preservation of Evidence in Vehicle Recovery VR19
CRS4730/540 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) VR26

Alternatively Powered Vehicles incl Electric/Hybrid

CRS16500/540 Multi-Deck Vehicle Transporter VR28













What is Driver CPC periodic training?

Periodic training is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for bus, coach and lorry drivers. It is ongoing throughout the professional driver’s career.

How much training is required?

All drivers must undertake 35 hours of periodic training every five years. The minimum length of a 'VR' training course that contributes to the periodic training requirement is seven hours.  The seven hours excludes registration and any breaks.

How is it delivered?

Courses and training centres must be approved by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The content and method of delivery of each course are looked at during the approval process.  There are no tests or exams but confirmation that learning has taken place is required.

Who is affected by the requirements for Driver CPC periodic training?  Who does it apply to?

Driver CPC applies to all new and existing drivers who wish to drive professionally and who require an LGV or PCV licence to do their job.

Further Information and complaint for qualified drivers. for HGV or bus.

If you have a complaint about the Driver CPC services administered by IVR Training Services please complete the DCPC Complaint Notification and Investigation Form.