Slow Down Move Over UK campaign

At the 2018 Tow Show Business Seminar Ben Johnson AMIVR, of Call Assist, gave a presentation on behalf of the Slow Down, Move Over UK (SDMO UK) campaign. He explained this current campaign had been founded in early 2018 as a result of the latest fatalities and injuries within the industry and mirrors other worldwide campaigns.

The SDMO UK group is non-political and fully representative of the recovery industry with independents, work providers and associations all on board. It is also registered as a ‘not for profit’ organisation.

Its objectives are;

· To build a grassroots campaign, steered by the industry on behalf of the industry

· To improve road users understanding of the dangers faced at the roadside

· To provide a platform for the anonymous recording of near misses and incidents

· To reinvest any profits from the campaign back into the industry

The campaign also aims to;

· Help educate the public with what action is required in the event of their vehicle breaking down or being involved in a RTC at the roadside, to keep themselves and their passengers safe until help arrives

· Raise awareness of road users of possible temporary hazards on the road network and advise on how to act safely in accordance with the law to avoid these dangers

· Assist in the education, awareness and training of those working at the roadside and encourage the reporting of incidents to help understand the scale of the issue

What makes this campaign different from the ones that have gone before is the structure. SDMO UK is a registered company, with an independent bank account, and is focusing on ‘spreading the word’ via social media. It has already had successful exposure on radio and regional press.

Future goals include an online map recording near misses and incidents, working alongside road safety charities, reaching out to other industries, exploring more media outlets and approaching potential donors and supporters.

Everyone can help.

· Like, Follow, Comment or repost all posts on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

· Visit the SDMO UK website and buy merchandise, stickers for your vehicle, clothing, wristbands and lots more

· Attend an SDMO UK meeting or become a donor

The aim is to get the information to as many road users as possible.

To find out more about the campaign, becoming a donor or attending a meeting go to