The SURVIVE Safety Rules

The SURVIVE* Safety Rules have been launched following collaboration between the recovery industry and associate bodies. They are a best practice guide to be a constant reminder to technicians of how to work as safely as possible on the UK road network.

The recommended overarching rules for all technicians are;

Rule 1 - Take reasonable care of my own safety, the safety of my colleagues and the motoring public.

  • Only when you are safe can you make the customer safe
  • Remember, you are in your ‘work zone’ – the customer could be out of their ‘comfort zone’

Rule 2 - Work within current legislation and maintain an up to date knowledge of relevant rules and laws.

  • Remember you are a professional driver and professional recovery/breakdown operator
  • Do not assume vehicle recovery is exempt

Rule 3 - Only act within my level of authority/expertise and never exceed them.

  • Understand what you can reasonably do given the circumstances
  • Work with the other professionals, Police and Traffic Officers

Rule 4 - Think before I act, if unsure, seek guidance.

  • Continually dynamically risk assess throughout the job
  • Work in the safest manner possible

Rule 5 - Challenge safety related non-compliance by others and report if necessary.

  • If you see something plainly dangerous, raise your concern
  • Remember this out on the road or in the yard

Rule 6 - Use warning beacons to their best effect, responsibly and only when necessary.

  • Only use beacons when causing a hazard
  • Don’t use them when they are not required

Rule 7 - Resolve incidents in the best way possible, using the safest options available.

  • Every incident is different, choose the safest method to suit the job
  • In high risk locations do whatever is quickest, repair or recovery

Rule 8 - Always use the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the task in hand.

  • Keep PPE well maintained and replace it when unserviceable
  • See and be seen

Rule 9 - Use all breakdown/recovery equipment in accordance with instructions and training given.

  • Make sure you understand what kit you have been trained on and you can use
  • Training should be ongoing, take the opportunity whenever training is offered

Rule 10 - Accept that I am responsible and accountable for my actions.

  • Be confident
  • Be professional

No matter how many years a technician has been working in the recovery industry all, like other professionals, require regular reminders of the processes and practicalities that keep him/her and those around them safe on the UK road network.

To receive cards/posters, to distribute to staff, please contact SURVIVE Group at

* The SURVIVE Group is a partnership between Highways England, the National Police Chiefs' Council, the breakdown/recovery industry and other service providers. The SURVIVE Group has been established to improve the safety of those who work on the road network and the travelling public and is also dedicated to the promotion of driving safety.