IVR Announces Daily Checks - COVID19 Fourth Film on YouTube

The IVR is delighted to announce the fourth film in the IVR video series which has been released this morning (15 July 2020) on the IVR Group’s YouTube channel titled ‘Daily Checks – COVID-19’.  The film focuses on the daily equipment and vehicle checks required by the rescue/recovery industry and the transport industry in general , it also touches on whether the change in Government policy, affects the current COVID-19 Recovery Industry Protocol.

The film joins the other films in the series: Back to Work Safely, Responsible Operating and Passenger Transportation Safely.

The tools and templates mentioned in the latest film can be found by clicking here for the daily checks template and here for winching resistance card

The IVR extends its thanks to Allianz, LV-Britannia, Call Assist and Green Flag as well as RISC and Slow Down Move Over (SDMO) who have all given their support and endorsement to this series of films.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/bJmDDhlbKQw